Monday, 29 December 2014

an Exquisite day

she's the girl in this pictures that i took 

hey there, this blog is finally exist again! it's been a long time since for me to starts blogging again. Christmas passed 4 days ago, MERRY CHRISTMAS! that christmas spirits still exist lalala.. can't believe new year eve is in 2 days P.s: i think i might stay up till midnight *evil smile*. i starting to so some edits again, picture edits. i've stopped doing that for 2 or 3 months ago hahaa ~ i'll be blogging again and posts something interesting. stay tune for my next blog!

why is this mac just can't pair together to my iPhone -__-

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Unexpectable Monday

my school started yesterday and it was horrible yet boring. i got to wake up in a very early morning and rush for my bath cause my sister going to have her turn after me. my friends and others probably thinks that "yey.. school started and i finally i can meet up with my friend and have fun. yet, i can end up this boring holiday." but i'm not! i don't even ready for school yet. i need a longer holiday and i don't go anywhere for my holiday, i haven't got my new school bag *which the old one almost ripped and i've been using that bag for 6 years*, and i don't even get bored at house dude!Yeah.. although sometimes i did. but that's not the point, the point is I DON'T WANT TO SCHOOL YET! IT'S BOOORRRIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My classmates were all still same, they still got their own face, own name and whatsoever *although one of my classmate were moved to other class* and the different was my old teacher was a boy and now change to girl and they got different name of course. and why did he moved just don't ask me and i don't even want to know yet, i was happy he was moved and it's like FINALLY!!!!!!!!! i've been waiting for that teacher to step away from the floor in my school and yey!! he finally gone. * what and evil student* haha..

and the first day of school, my friend were all talking about their holidays and blablabla.. i just listen to it and i only reply these 2 sentences "ya, then", "oooo.." but seriously, it don't even look like a sentences. and then, our principal told all the students to gather all in the badminton court. and we were all lining up according to our level and then she speech for about 20 minutes without telling us to sit and i was like "ooohhh.. WTF is this principal.. don't you know that we were all tired of standing about 20 minutes" in the whole 20 minutes she tells all about the regulation in this school and all the principal almost did that once the new academic started and the first thing they will say is "first, please don't take your phone, gadget, and all the electronic things. don't play your blackberry or ipad or tablet at your class, while the teacher is teaching and you only can play during lunch time and breakfast." and yeah.. good then, i don't have any blackberry, ipad, even tablet. i just have an iphone which it means i can play my iphone during class cause you don't even says that "no iphone allowed" hahaa.. and yet, she just keep saying "welcome back to the school " from the begining of her speech till the end of her speech. 

yeah, this is a several pictures for the last blog i posted, and by the way, i finally got my card reader.

sister b'day cake 
*ignore this ugly effect*

Friday, 12 July 2013

What a Friday!

Yeah~ it's Friday today and i got soooooooo little things to do. I wore my pajamas all day long, and yeah. i woke up really late until my servant woke me up. yet, it was already 11 something and i was sooooo freaking lazy to have my bath. and i have my bath when it was almost 2. i had a soooo boring day,so i took out my camera and take some picture of my brother and whatever. the worst one, i got a scratch in my car at night and it was so freaking dark and it bleed all around my leg. and, i dont know what things that scratch me and, it just look exactly like a cat scratch. and seriously, i'm using my very old laptop in my house and it just stink! the battery charger keep discharged from the laptop and it was justtt STINK! and, i can't even post any pictures yet, before it's tomorrow, for me to take my card reader yet in my grandma's home cause this laptop just didn't have a place for me to put my memory card there.

and yeah, my sister getting old yesterday, because it was her 16th birthday (in chinese tradition,but she's only 15 actually) yeaah, we just sing a "happy birthday" song, cut out the cake, and eat,and so on. it looks so simple here but it actually yes.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sticky for Father's Day

Okay, i think this topic was kinda too late to post, but i just want to post this i don't know why. And as you know that my sister and others went to Malaysia and they came back exactly the same day with Father's Day. I told my sister to come back with presents for daddy and of course for me :D She bought "Sticky"(kind of candy) for dad to celebrate Father's day. And she bought me a vintage bracelets, ya~ i kinda love it, and mom bought me a Long Sleeve Crop Tie Denim shirt from Forever 21. Yess!! I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHHHHHH!! My wishlist finally came true :D haha.. Thx Mom :) 

* Sticky For Daddy :D *

*Vintage Bracelets from sister :)*

Sunday, 9 June 2013


  Today afternoon flight, my mother, sister, lil' brother, and grandma are going to Malaysia on sudden!. I was left here at home with daddy and my other brother. I feel FREE HERE!! although my holiday is coming a couple days again. hahahaaa.. horray!! FREEDOM CAME!
  And yesterday, it was my day full of classical music ._. It's was really boring and annoy me, although some not!
  Early in the morning at 10 am, my teacher called me to go there to take my Music Program report or i could say it's cello class report. And he also told me and my other friends to play in front of our parents. Once i've heard "PLAY IN FRONT OF OUR PARENTS", i was nervous because we are playing the song which is called Sonata  and I don't know which sonata is it.
   Then in the afternoon, there is a 6th grade show, which my brother also joined the show for his farewell celebration. and we are invited to the show and the show is quite funny and interesting too, although some not.
   In the night at 7 pm, there is another show again, from Henoch Kristanto. I was really lazy to see the show and because of my sister, she told my mom to buy her the ticket and i was force to watch that too. I knew that the show will be boring and it's true!

At the show, i saw some of my friends there and i told her to sit beside me, where there is some empty chair beside me. And my the other friend, i chat with her through my phone and laugh like a stupid people there.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hey Everyone.. 

 As you know that I'm a new blogger here, so.. I currently going to have fun with it :D
 I might be making something fun with this blog during to fill my holidays and i may be posting it each week, each month, or what ever. the topic of my blog can be about photography, 'couse i love it very much. can be about my life, etc, or i could say it just RANDOM!.
so, hope you guys like it, and enjoy!